INNOVERSE Invention & Innovation Expo 2022 – USA

31 May 2022

INNOVERSE Invention & Innovation Expo 2022 – USA

see new changes in the world every day and all these changes are based on innovation. In line with our mission to promote a culture of innovation, World Invention intellectual property associations (WIIPA) are holding a new event called INNOVERSE with the support of Google (for non-profits), Sanabil investment, NIKCC, Patent guru, and The patent magazine.
This event will be hosted by the GA, USA. This is a special event focusing on the world of Metaverse and technologies related to blockchain. We are eager to judge and evaluate your projects in 12 classifications. We hope that your projects in any classification will be able to be implemented in the world of Metaverse.


Individual & Company products
Colleges & Youth Students
Middle & High school students
Elementary School students

Grand Prix
Best Invention, Best idea, Best woman project
Special Award of WIIPA
Awards from the partners
Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals

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