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Monday, November 30, 2015 10:47 AM
Malaysia Technology Expo 2016
by Pattranit :: 2448 Views IN News & Announcements


Since its inception in 2001, the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) has evolved to be the definitive international invention and innovation expo in the region. The annual event displays more than 500 exhibits of platform inventions and innovations to a targeted audience of trade visitors, connecting inventors and innovations to investors, manufacturers and distributors to aid commercialization. Entering its 15th year in 2016, MTE will once again bring recognition to many of the best ideas and inventions in the region at the Invention & Innovation Awards 2016 and the Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards (mIDEAS) 2016 to be held in conjunction with the event. Both of these awards, which recognize excellence in innovative technologies and design, are organized and endorsed by the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS).

Invention & Innovation Awards 2015 has proven to be a gateway for inventors and scientists in gaining international recognition; it continues to foster excellence in the growth of innovative technologies, products and solutions. Winners have had opportunities to compete at overseas competitions in Geneva, Kuwait and Korea.

In addition to the existing Invention and Innovation Awards and Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards, the Asian Youth Innovation Awards & Expo and Leap to Commercialization will be held concurrently. The aim here is to further strengthen, foster and support the importance of innovative technologies in building our nation’s economy by providing young inventors and budding entrepreneurs a venue to showcase their inventions to the world and gain invaluable experience. Co-located with MTE for the first time, Business Innovations 2016 will be a unique trade event bringing together the ideas, people, processes and technology that enable forward-thinking businesses to become more innovative in today’s marketplace.

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