Saturday, November 27, 2021
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The National Research Project Management (NRPM) 

NRPM is an applied program conducted on the internet. It is developed for governmental budget administration among government organizations, researchers, NRCT, and Bureau of the Budget in compliance with the resolution of the cabinet held on 27 November 2007. NRCT has thus been approved to consult with Bureau of the Budget and Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board to apply NRPM system as the administrative mechanism in allocation of governmental research budget in order to bring the national research reform to fruition concretely 

NRPM consists of 3 main systems and 2 supplementary systems as follows:

Main systems 

  1. NRPM - Pre Audit System, the government organizations submit research proposal to get the budget allocation. 
  2. NRPM - Ongoing Monitoring System, the researchers report the progress of the project. 
  3. NRPM - Post Audit System, the researchers report the success of the project 
Supplementary Systems 
  1. Database Mirroring System, backup server stalled at UniNet. It will be used instead in the case of the main server cannot function.  
  2. Online Hearing System, cooperator of the organization and the leader of the project can study how to use the NRPM system by themselves.


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