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1. Office of Secretariat

       Handle NRCT’s general administration work, disciplinary operation, procurement, stock controlling, and maintenance of equipment, articles, buildings and vehicles. Analyze and verify the accuracy of the budget disbursement and research funding to be in line with the budget and finance administration under the Government Fiscal Management Information System (GFMIS) and prepare the financial report based on criteria set by the Comptroller General’s Department. Perform internal personnel management and development, and research personnel for the country. Prepare the annual fiscal budget for NRCT to submit to Bureau of the Budget for approval by the government. Prepare NRCT strategic plan, administrate the budget in order to ensure the effective operation as planned. Take part in the public relations and provide information regarding the NRCT’s activities as well as upgrade about the overall performance of the organization.


2. Division of International Affairs

       Seek and promote research and academic cooperation with other countries both bilaterally and multilaterally. Strengthen the cooperation, establish and expand research cooperation network and international research activities. Outline policy and international research strategy. Approve foreign researchers to conduct research projects in Thailand. Handle the translation of NRCT’s books, other books under the government’s policy and public relations, support international information for other divisions to strengthen academic competitiveness.


3. Division of Research Policy and Plan

       Outline policy and national research strategy and promote implementation of those plans and strategies. Act as members of committees, secretary/assistant secretary to NRCT Committee in 12 academic disciplines, sub-committees and working groups related to the Academic Committee. Analyze research results of Thai and foreign researchers that are in line with the government’s strategy and propose recommendations on the research directions in issues to solve the country’s critical problems.


4. Division of Plan Administration and Research Budget

       Coordinate and encourage the implementation of projects and research plan in line with projects initiated by the royal instruction, and general integrated research project, target and urgent research projects. Coordinate and promote the networking among researchers, agencies, researcher communities in order to analyze research results and create knowledge that can be utilized. Promote and support the protection of intellectual property rights of research results. Direct Center for Research and Development of Thai Behavioral System, as well.


5. Division of Research Evaluation and Knowledge Management

      Organize the National Research Council of Thailand Awards, the Inventor’s Day and Thailand Research Expo. Promote and develop the research projects and possible implementation of research results, create research value, establish forum and research incentives, encourage further study of research results and inventions as well as the transfer of technology gained from the research, and supervise National Biological Control Research Center. Survey the country’s expenses and personnel in research and development and develop database on the training, field trips and research operation.


6. Division of Research Standards

       Systematically monitor and evaluate the research results of government agencies to ensure that the projects have been conducted in line with the country’s research strategy. Prepare systematically the country’s research standards in order to establish the acceptance at national and international levels. Prioritize the significance of country’s research activities for the purpose of budget allocation to research agencies nationwide. Outline the policy and strategic plan for the development of research animal at international standard. Supervise the ethical raising and use of animals. Ensure the certification of research animal standard as well as the raising and the use of those animals.  


7. Research Information and Data Center

       Responsible for the connection of Thai National Research Repository (TNRR), collect research results and theses from agencies nationwide. Survey and establish the country’s databank on researchers’ biography, research projects and research agencies. Apply the information technology to support the dissemination of NRCT’s research information.  Prepare the master plan and action plan on information and communication technology for NRCT. Manage ICT infrastructure to ensure continuous operation and efficient missions.


8. Internal Audit Group

      Examine the administration of budget, finance, office supplies and assets as well as other fields of administration to be in line with the policy, law, regulation and the Cabinet’s resolutions.


9. Public Sector Development Group

       Develop Quality Assurance System of the Organization in line with Public Sector Management Quality Award, monitor and evaluate the performance according to fiscal performance commitment, and develop quality management and administrative system in harmony with NRCT missions.

10. Anti-Corruption Operation Center

        Implement activities and battle against corruption in the organization.

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