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Monday, February 27, 2017 3:03 PM
The 4th International Postgraduate Student Colloquium, 2017 (IPSC 2017)
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Since 2014, the International Postgraduate Student Colloquium, 2014 (IPSC 2014) was organized the first time by the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Communication (BEC), Naresuan University, in cooperation with national academic networks between Mahasarakarm Business School, Mahasarakarm University and Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University, Thailand. 

The 4th IPSC 2017 is focusing on the theme of “Industry 4.0: Integration, Innovation and Sustainability for a Modern ASEAN”. The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has an opportunity to leapfrog to the forefront of the fast-moving global digital economy.

Although ASEAN (as a single community) lags behind its global peers in the digital economy, it has the potential to enter the top five digital economies in the world by 2025.1 Moreover, implementation of a radical digital agenda could add $1 trillion to the region’s GDP over the next 10 years.

By 2025, a digital revolution could transform daily life in ASEAN, making physical cash increasingly obsolete and cities smarter, safer places to live. With a large and youthful population increasingly equipped with smartphones, ASEAN has an opportunity to pioneer the development of new digital services, especially advanced mobile financial services and e-commerce. These sectors are likely to give rise to digital champions that will lead the way for the broader economy.

A decade from now, ASEAN’s manufacturing sector is likely to have embraced “Industry 4.0” technologies that enable machines on assembly lines to interact with the products they are producing, boosting efficiency, increasing flexibility, and enabling greater customization. Also, Industry 4.0 of ASEAN will conduct to business with integration, innovation and sustainability in further. Moreover, across ASEAN, citizens will be able to access public services digitally, transforming the way they interact with both national and local governments. By 2025, most of ASEAN’s citizens will be digital natives, fully empowered to use high-tech tools to enhance their personal and professional lives.

This 4th IPSC 2017 provides a great opportunity for all postgraduate students to present the research results of their ongoing research studies in several academic disciplines. The IPSC 2017 aims to project various research findings which could be responsive to several problems and applicable to practical business management. Hence, the IPSC 2017 will open the academic platform for not only postgraduate students to share their own knowledge but also all academic researchers, and participants in all fields to share and exchange research ideas across a variety of business disciplines. 

Please see more information: http://www.bec.nu.ac.th/ipsc2017/index1.php

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