Saturday, February 24, 2018
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National Research Council of Thailand


 The International Engineering Invention Innovation Exhibition i-ENVEX 2018
Friday, February 16, 2018
13-14 April 2018,  Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Perlis, Malaysia&......Read more
 The 3rd Annual iCAN 2018 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada
Thursday, February 15, 2018
1 September 2018, Canada...Read more
 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
Saturday, December 09, 2017
11-15 April 2018, Geneva, Switzerland ...Read more
 The 5th National Rice Research Conference
Friday, November 10, 2017
23-24 May, 2018 at Bangkok ...Read more
 International Invention and Innovation show, INTARG 2018
Tuesday, November 07, 2017
20-21 June 2018 International Conference Centre, Katowice, Poland...Read more

Others news
 Challenge and Opportunity of ASEAN: Innovative, Integrative and Inclusive Development
Tuesday, February 06, 2018
21 June 2018, Auditorium, 16fl., CP ALL Academy building, Panyapiwat Ins......Read more
 The 28th TSU National Academic Conference 2018
Monday, January 15, 2018
"Research and Innovation for Social Stability, Prosperity and Sustainability" 8......Read more
 The 3rd RMUTSB National Academic Conference and the 4th Prachachuen Research Network National Academic Conference
Monday, January 15, 2018
27 April 2018, Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi,  (Huntra......Read more
 The 5th International Conference of Business and Industrial Research (ICBIR2018)
Thursday, December 07, 2017
May 17-18, 2018, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand ...Read more

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